Hey there, slacker. My name is Andrew Quinn, I run this joint right here, “Cardinality.co.” I hope it contains many savoury caramelized nougats of information for you to enjoy. Unless you don’t like caramel. In which case may it be licorice, by my Magick.

This blog is basically me at my most “Internet-accessible” for the moment: I don’t have a Facebook account, and I don’t frequent a lot of websites. That notwithstanding, I fancy myself a bit of a computer enthusiast. When I was 16, I got my first job as an intern at the ever-awesome Akamai Technologies, here in my next-to-hometown of Cambridge, Massachusetts. (That page opens in a new tab. Like all hyperlinks on this website do. Sometimes I wish TV Tropes did that too. But I ramble onward.)

I spent a semester this year at a university. I backed out because I didn’t like it. Or, more accurately: I liked the place, and the people, and the parties; what I didn’t like was the price tag and the poor American education system. I’ll be heading up to my local community college this coming fall, for biomedical engineering – because saving lives is an awesome job to have (more awesome, slightly, than hacking, unfortunately). If I’m lucky maybe my grades there will let me transfer into MIT or Olin with a scholarship to boot. Or maybe this website, which is kind of a tell-all showcase of my various efforts, will.

I dunno. For now, the only thing I really know is that I get up every day, I take a long run outside, I pet my cat Leslie, and I fire up Emacs and hack away at Python/C/Scheme/Haskell/Prolog/Bash/whatever it is I’m up to for the day.

I don’t contribute to any open-source projects for the moment, but that’s because I don’t feel like my coding skills are up to snuff with the bigwigs yet. Also I don’t like revision control systems. Github? Maybe later, when I’ve got some live stuff up and going for myself.

Okay, that’s enough about me. What about yourself? Feel free to introduce yourself in the comments, I love making new Internet chums.

I might post a resume later on listing all the other less-interesting things I’ve done in my short life, but right now, that would be presumptuous. Peace and love,

-Andrew Quinn

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